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Best League In The World

1 May

We’ve come to the business end of the season, where not only domestic issues are to be decided, but the champions of Europe are also yet to be resolved. With it, questions arise over which league is the best in Europe. And it usually falls to two contenders.

The English Premierleague has always had a good representation in the latter stages in European competition. There has been 8 English teams in the last 8 Champions League Finals (inclusive of this years final).

EPL vs La Liga (Or other?)

With the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal, England is well stocked with the big clubs with European pull, supplemented by Liverpool and now Tottenham and Newcastle. Fanatical fans, historic stadia and some of the most entertaining football around, the Barclays Premierleague has to be contended.

Many others may consider La Liga as the strongest due to Barcelona’s stronghold on world football, as well as Real Madrid’s ‘galactico’ history. Their European representation has also been extremely sufficient, with the Catalan club winning 4 European Trophy’s (3 in the last 6 years), and the most successful side in European history – Real Madrid. Athletic Madrid and Athletic Bilbao also surpassed in Europe. But domestically is where the league may falter. There really isn’t any contest in the title race bar the two big clubs and the rest of the league duly suffers.

However, my opinion is that there is another league that requires much more attention. The German Bundesliga. Cheap tickets at an average of £17 , free rail tickets for away fans and the largest average attendance in Europe (7000 greater than the Premier league) are some of the factors why the Bundesliga is more than meets the eye – if off-the-pitch attributes are acknowledged. The clubs also have a family like feel, with a rule stating that 51% of the club must be owned by the club members. That means no sugar daddies and no ‘buying the league’ – that’s why there has been 5 different champions in the last 11 years. The likes of Ribery and Robben also ply their trade their too, and the German national side isn’t too bad either.

So, next time Europe’s top league is discussed, consider the German Bundesliga. Besides, alcohol can be consumed at games – which is always a plus!

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